Top Ten Front Door Paint Colors - 2018

Scroll down for a few more tips we didn't have time for on air. Leave a comment and let me know what you're going to do to give your home a Spring Refresh! 

1. Test, Test, Test!  Exterior colors always appear at least a few shades lighter when you use them outside. So that paint color everyone raves about in their living room won't look the same on the front of your house.  Paint a large poster board that you can tape up on your front door - be sure to check it morning, noon and night! Cloudy days are best to see the true nature of a paint color and how it will relate to your other exterior finishes and materials. 

2. We talked on air about helping that BOLD new color relate to other things on the facade of your home.  Flower boxes, shutters, even your garage doors can be painted in the same color to reinforce your choice.  If these more permanent solutions aren't for you - consider bringing in a porch swing, pair of rocking chairs or some other furniture pieces that can be painted to match your new front door.  Can we say, "curb appeal?!" 

3. Make sure you realize that going with a dark color isn't always the best choice. I just helped a client with a long porch on her home to paint her door lighter (to match window trim) and away from the darker blue it was painted, even though I liked the color.  The reason?  Her porch was covered in such a way that the dark door receded and disappeared from view.  By painting it a lighter color, the door was brought back into view and gave balance and focus to the front of her home.  Light colors come forward, dark colors draw the eye back.  



Lauren Oviatt